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Nurseries Geert en Ingrid Devriese-Luyssen

EG kwaliteitkeurmerk nummer 52294Founded in 1930, in the early beginning just as a hobby, their has been an enourmes diversity of cultivations through the years, with, among other, grapes and parika's. One value has always been our motivator: the love for the job and the interest in new plants.

Today, the most important cultivations is the Laurus Nobilis or "Flemish laurel - sweet bay". We've started with this plant in 1985 and, like the laurel's grew, so did the company. We've also invested in tree-nursery crops that can be sold when blossoming. Here, the cultivars were tested. We've always aimed to the best quality off plants possible. Check out the links below for our wide range.

Our firm works with modern communication.
So it is possible at any time to get a picture of our plants at the moment or on the field through email ([Dutch]E-Service).

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Agenda - At your service

Spring and Autum Garden Fair

Herman Geers - Open Dagen | Plantenbeurs Kalmthout, Arborteum Kalmthout | La Feuillerie, Celles | Park van Beervelde: - Beervelde | Festival of rare plants: - Kasteel Hex | Das Fürstliche Gartenfest :Schloss Wolfsgarten |

At every plant and garden fair can you collect your plantorder.


Trade Show

TreeVention Flora Trade Parc Venlo | Belgian plant Fairs: Florall | Potplantenbeurzen |

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Belgium plant collections Laurus en Lagerstroemia

Our companay has engaged to collect and to do research for Laurus and Lagerstroemia.

We want to do test off the different variety's to find the correct names and to do experience in our climate.

eerste gastcollectie met Lagerstroemia Nederlandse Plantencollecties (NPC)The collections who grow every year:
- Laurus nobilis, is a collection of 30 different (cultivars en species),
- Lagerstroemia has more than 150 different Lagerstroemia (cultivars en species).

We are alsot the first guesstcollection off the "Nederlandse Plantencollecties" (NPC). (Dutch Plantcollections)


Laurus nobilis "Flemisch laurel - sweet bay": from kickenlaurel to piramides up to 2 meters high, sphere-on-stem and bushes. More information on the Laurus Nobilis.

Our small firm have its seat at Schewegestraat 6, 8750 Wingene, Belgium.
It is not so far from Bruges and Gent.

You can always visit us after making an appointment.

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